Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Leaves

That's the name of the shawl Lexi is modeling here. I mentioned it a few posts ago. I donated it to the Art Guild for the silent auction at the Gourd Festival. When I dropped in there about noon Saturday, there was one bid - for $30. I had said that if the first bid was not at least $25 I wanted it back. I hope there were more bids on it. People seem to forget that the purpose of a benefit auction is not to get something cheaply, but rather to raise money for the sponsoring organization.

Last weekend's storm

I heard yesterday at church that the wind last Sunday was hurricane strength. There are a lot of trees down, and some of them damaged houses. The local public radio station is doing its semi-annual fund drive this week; one if the 'guest beggers' this morning said that a large trash can was blown through a window at his church. Fortunately, that window was in a hallway and there was nobody there at the time.

Since the power came back on last week, it has at times been weak, or lights have flickered. I figured they were still working on the lines, so didn't call about it until today. The man I talked to this morning said they might not come today, but they have been here already. They came up the driveway to make sure they were at the right place and then went back out on the road and worked for a few minutes. I really can't tell if they fixed the problem until it starts to get dark, but I expect it to be OK.


I decided on Wednesday that the neuropathy in my fingers may not be all bad. While cooking supper, I splashed some hot liquid (chicken broth and oil) on my hand and it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it should. I'm joking here about the neuropathy not being so bad. I know that because of the reduced sense of touch I need to be extra vigilent about scrapes and burns and such.

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