Friday, September 19, 2008


I just noticed that it's again been a week since I posted. This time I have a really good excuse - I had not internet service from mid-morning Sunday until 1 pm Thursday, thanks to Hurricane Ike. I was only without electricity until 3:45 Tuesday. Sunday morning Lexi and I were watching shingles fly off the roof. Only about two dozen and I can't see any bare spots. Right now we're having some lightning and thunder, so some rain may be coming (there was only a little 'spitting' on Sunday). I guess that will tell me if I have a problem. I Drove into Bardwell on Tuesday morning to report the shingle loss to the insurance company, but haven't had a roofer out here yet to assess the damage.
Lexi has started soccer this fall. Here she is in her uniform, and in the picture on the field, she's the one in the middle.
She was taking pictures last weekend and I like this one of the cat Ginger. Lexi found it interesting that the fan looks like it's off, even though it wasn't.
I think I'll shut off the computer until this storm blows over.

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