Saturday, September 6, 2008


Maybe fall really is on its way. It was really nice today. I was comfortable in jeans, although I got hot when I mowed, and my hair is still wet from sweat. I mowed out one tank of gas, which usually takes me about an hour and a half. Then I sat on the back porch for about an hour to cool off and did some knitting. After that I mowed for another hour.

Leaves have not started changing color yet, but that's probably not too far off. Goldenrod is blooming. I love it - yellow is such a cheerful color. It's almost a shame I don't want to dye any wool with it.


I finished that shawl - it's not exactly a triangle, but almost. Now I'm working on a scarf with the leftover yarn, using the same embossed leaf stitch pattern. With only 25 stitches, the yarn is making stripes of three to five rows. I need to get Lexi or Alyssa to model the shawl and take pictures of it.

I also finished the counterpane (I love that old-fashioned word) for Yvette, and will take it to her mother on Monday

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