Saturday, December 6, 2008

Walk Through Bethlehem

Last night was the first night of this event at the Mayfield Church of the Nazarene. I'm weaving there. It's outdoors. We're having a cold spell. It is also tonight and tomorrow night (6 pm to 8 pm each night) and next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I started off real good! On the way down to my loom, I slipped and fell, twisting my left ankle. I was ahead of most everyone else, but there were two men there who were getting the fires going and lighting the torches. They wanted to help me up, but I told them it was better for me to do it myself. I had to sort of crawl a little way to find an area that didn't feel slippery to me. I hobbled the rest of the way (not far) to my station and opened my loom. At first it was hard for me to tromp on the treadle with my left foot, but after a while it was OK. At the end, someone came and got me in a golf cart. For the next two nights, they will transport me both ways in the cart. They encouraged me to go to the emergency room for an x-ray, and even said the church would pay for it. I didn't, but this morning I've been thinking that perhaps I should go into town a couple of hours early today and have that done. If I don't, I'm sure Dr Balbastro will fuss at me when I see her on Monday. When I got home, I pulled the car into the carport, which I usually don't use for the car. There are usually lawn mowers and a wheelbarrow in the way, but I had moved them yesterday when Theresa came to get the loom.


Monday I had an appointment with a neurologist because the neuropathy I've had for months in my feet and fingertips is now affecting the area around my mouth. He had me resist his efforts to move my arms, hands, feet, etc. My arms are strong, but my legs are not - I need to do more walking. Tuesday I went back and he hooked me up to a computer and gave me electrical shocks, and then put needles (like acupuncture needles) into my muscles and did more of the resistance stuff. He also ordered a bunch of blood tests. I think they took about a dozen vials of blood. Dr Balbastro should have the results of all this when I see her on Monday.

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