Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Good Weekend

Friday was a beautiful day! Warm! So I went into Mayfield and took care of some things. Later, in the evening, Alyssa brought Lexi out to spend the weekend with me. She took back with her some of the things I've been trying to get out of my house. When she came yesterday to get Lexi, she said she had taken the stuffed animals to Goodwill. I hope some of them will be under Christmas trees tomorrow night.

Lexi and I had a good weekend. I had gotten out three different sizes of Weave-it looms on Friday to re-learn how to use them. I taught her on Saturday, and she did most of the work of one on the regular (4") loom and one on the small (2") loom. We also started working on a jigsaw puzzle on the dining table; it will probably be there for at least a week before it is finished.

She had a little TY beanbag-size horse that her teacher had given her, and was playing with it quite a bit. About 8:15 pm she said it needed a backpack. I immediately picked up a different set of needles and some yarn and spent the next fifty minutes creating the backpack. I had already crocheted two headbands with ribbon inserts for her that day. She and her mother both want legwarmers, also, but I haven't started on them yet.

Sunday, we went to church, then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and finally went to the yarn shop for a knitting guild sort-of meeting. We spent about two hours there, knitting, talking, drinking coffee or punch, and eating cookies. Lexi spent some of the time playing under the table with her TY horse. It was about 5 pm before we got home.

Since this week and next are the school's winter vacation, Lexi was able to spend a third night here. We didn't do anything special yesterday. Alyssa came in the late afternoon to pick Lexi up. I had asked Alyssa a few days before if she could take at least one of my trash cans down to the end of the driveway when she came. It was actually Lexi who took both of the cans down - I guess she wanted to prove that she's big enough. I assume CWI emptied the cans this morning. The next two times I go someplace, I'll bring a can up. I roll down my window and hold onto the can as I drive up to the house.

Lexi will spend a couple of days with me next week, as well. Then school will be back in session and I won't see so much of her. As she gets older, she's able to be more helpful to me, which I need now with my fractured ankle. She liked taking this 'boot' off me at night and putting it back on in the morning. That's not difficult for me to do, but I think she liked using all the velcro.

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