Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too Much Wind

Tonight's Walk through Bethlehem has been cancelled because of high winds. The torches would probably have been OK, but the fires would have been very dangerous. This was the last night. The whole event was very successful. Unfortunately, I missed two nights, but I enjoyed participating, and will be glad to do it again next year if they want me to. I like 'showing off' my fiber abilities, and always hope someone will be interested enough to start weaving or knitting or spinning.

I'm glad they cancelled, because my right thigh is sore. I guess it's from favoring the left leg/foot, but also from working all the treadles on the loom with my right foot for the last two nights.

My ankle

When I went to the orthopedist on Friday he said that I have 'stable fracture.' I need to wear this boot for four weeks, and then they will give me a smaller brace that I can wear with a regular shoe. I'll wear that for four weeks and then should be back to normal by mid-February. In the meantime, I have the perfect excuse to NOT do certain things, but to spend a lot of time sitting with my foot up, knitting.

I was going to go to a fiber arts group meeting tomorrow, even with the ankle problem, but the weather forecast is calling for ice, so I plan to stay in the house. I will need to go to Mayfield on Tuesday afternoon for a dose of Velcade, so I hope the weather is better then.

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