Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm keeping busy

I've watched several Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel in the last few days, and done some knitting while I was at it. I haven't watched much TV for years, but did enjoy the movies. They're mostly sort of sappy, and it doesn't take much to figure out how they're going to end, but then I didn't want anything serious. The commercials drive me nuts though.

My l0om came home yesterday. Teresa, who was one of the main 'movers and shakers' of the Walk through Bethlehem, and her son brought it. I'm glad she brought help. I won't be using it until my ankle is completely healed, of course. I had them put it in the room where it belongs, but I can't put it exactly where it belongs and open it out until after Lexi spends a couple of nights with me this week - her cot is where the loom goes.

By Special Request

A few days ago I started the pink and purple legwarmers Lexi requested. She'll need to try them on when I bring her here Tuesday after my doctor's appointment. I hope she likes them and that they fit. They look big to me, but I measured her legs last weekend, so they should be OK.
Using up the Leftovers

One of the items I knit recently is a laprobe in miscellaneous bits of leftover yarn. I like working this way. I pick up stitches along the edges of squares I've already worked, so I don't have any seams to sew. However, I did have a million ends to run in. Lexi helped me with that last weekend. We were sitting on the couch together, each of us with a large yarn/tapestry needle, working on opposite ends of the laprobe. It felt good to have her helping. The picture shows about a quarter of the blanket. This is the sort of project that I go from thinking, "Ugh, it looks awful." to thinking, "Not bad!" after I've done a few more squares. I read somewhere, several years ago, that if you use enough colors, they all go together.

When my granddaughters were young, I made bibbed skirts for them (pink for Alyssa. lavender for Sara), probably from a pattern in Mon Tricot. The one I made for Alyssa is here, and Lexi wore it to church last Sunday. I looked at it and thought it looked very sad. The main color has faded so much that the flowers don't show unless you look real close (it actually looks better in the picture than in person). The next day I shopped my yarn stash and found some bright rose, light-weight silk to brighten the skirt up. I'm duplicate-stitching over the flowers. In the lower, right-hand corner, you can see the difference that's making. I think it's going to look good. Lexi likes the idea of silk - she knows it's a luxury fiber. The skirt is cotton.

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