Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three shawls

These two are what I call Random Shawls. In each case I used a 'foundation yarn' - a baby-weight yarn that I carried throughout the shawl. I then used a different yarn for each row, leaving the ends of that yarn to form the fringes at the ends of the shawl. I use seed stitch because I like the way it mixes the colors. The red one is 180 stitches. It is only about 15 inches wide, which is too wide to be a scarf, but a bit narrow for a shawl. However it is six feet long, so it can wrap around even those of us with ample figures. I could have made it a bit wider, but not much. I now have very little red yarn left.

I started the blue one on Thanksgiving, and when Lexi saw it that evening (less than three inches done), she said it reminded her of the ocean. I hope I continued that throughout the shawl. This one is about 23 inches wide and only a little over five feet long. That's a better shawl size. I have now taken the blue-blues out of the basket, kept the teal/turquoise-blues in and added some green-greens and yellow-greens to make a green shawl. I've also set aside white and pale pastel yarns for another shawl. People seem to like this type of shawl. I use all types of yarns - smooth, fuzzy, eyelash, etc.

I need to trim the fringe here, but I wanted to show what it is like.
The shawl below I call a Truncated Triangle, because I started with 45 or 46 stitches rather than the three I would have used to make one with a point in back. I spotted this yarn through the almost-clear side of one of my plastic storage bins, and wondered if I had enough for a shawl. There were only five balls, but they made quite a large one. It has an edge of five garter stitches, then a yarn over to create a new stitch, thus increasing the width. The main part is just stockinette stitch - as simple as you can get, but I figured the yarn is the interesting part here. It weighs less than nine ounces. (The random ones weight at least a pound.)

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