Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh! This is cool!

That's what Lexi was saying Monday after she discovered that she could go  around the world on The Weather Channel website. She had been on the couch like this (Do you think she's comfortable?), playing with her new electronic toy she had received for Christmas, when there was a sound like thunder from the computer. She wanted to know what that was and I told her there must be a weather alert. She went to the computer and asked how to find out what it was. I told her which icon at the bottom to click on . The alert concerned possible flooding in the agricultural bottomland along the Ohio river twenty or thirty miles from us. She read that to me and then noticed the map of our area. Being eight years old and very comfortable with computers, she started testing what she could do with that map. I think she visited every continent, often zooming in on towns, etc., and frequently saying, "This is cool!" I was delight at her interest. I pulled up another chair, and traveled with her for a while.

Then before I took her home on Tuesday, I had her model two of the short capes I have made recently. Of course, on an adult they don't come down as far - she's only 51 inches tall, and her shoulders are still quite narrow. 

This is my own pattern that I tweaked a bit the first few few times I made it. It's a Hobby Lobby yarn called Soft Delight Extremes, with a lace edging in a worsted weight, solid color yarn (various brands, depending on what I had in my stash.

I particularly like this red one. I started to do the edging in scarlet, but realized that was too jarring. The burgundy is much better. 

The background is my stash of knitting, etc. books and magazines, which I have also been collecting for 46 years.


Today was my oncology visit. Their lab is having trouble with their machines and has to send the blood elsewhere for testing. The nurse/practitioner and doctor decided that, since I had no complaints that would suggest a problem, it would be OK to give me my VelCade and Decadron without the results of the bloodwork. My INR, which indicates the 'thickness' of my blood was perfectly in the desired range, so I continue with the same amount of Coumadin. The INR is checked on a little meter similar to the gloucometer that diabetics use to check their blood-sugar levels, so we didn't need to wait for it.

After that bit of my social life, I went to the Market Square Coffee for another bit of it - knitting. We had at least a dozen people today! I really enjoy the women in these various fiberarts groups I meet with at various frequencies. While we talk about our knitting some of the time, more of our conversations are about other parts of our lives. I think most of us develop a trust of the others in the group and can say some things we probably wouldn't say to other people we know.

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AlisonH said...

That's wonderful. I belong to two knitting groups, and one of them, we can talk about anything to each other, and the other, if anyone said anything medical I think most of the rest would do the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and chanting Nah nah nah I'm not LISTENING!...