Saturday, December 5, 2009

One down, five to go

Nights of weaving in 'Bethlehem,' that is. Last night it was COLD - about freezing. Tonight will be the same, and probably tomorrow night, as well. Perhaps it will warm up during the week and next weekend will be nicer.

I had on cuddleduds, both top and bottom, jeans, a turtleneck shirt, a wool sweater and the long garment the church provided to make me look like a first-century Palestinian. On my feet, I had wool socks, felted wool insoles and sneakers. My hands were the problem area. I had the fingerless glove type things I sometimes wear while knitting to relieve aches in my hands (I don't get such aches often), cotton gloves and wool fingerless gloves. Even though the cotton gloves are thin, it is hard to work with them on, so I didn't wear them the whole time. At closing time, I had trouble with the buckle on the belt I use to hold the loom in its folded position, but I thought that was just because I didn't have enough light to see what I was doing. However, after I took off my costume, I went into the ladies room. I had to come out of the stall and have another woman unbutton my jeans for me. I could feel nothing with the fingertips on my left hand. It took a few minutes for that to 'thaw.' The hot cider and cookies sure tasted good!

I got home about 9:30 and went right to bed. I have flannel sheets on my bed, plus a blanket and a poly-filled comforter, but after fifteen or twenty minutes I got up and put on a down comforter, too. When I woke several hours later, I was nice and toasty warm.

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