Thursday, December 31, 2009

Knitting tally 2009

8 washcloths
1 afghan (large)
3 baby blankets
6 capes (like the ones Lexi is modeling in the last post)
3 doll blankets
1 earwarmer
6 gift bags (small drawstring bags you could put a small gift in)
25 hats of various sizes, baby to seaman
1 pair legwarmers for Lexi
2 pairs mittens
2 ponchos - matching ones for Lexi and her 18" doll
1 sarape
16 scarves
31 shawls
4 pairs socks
17 sweatbands, most donated to Habitat for Humanity
7 sweaters - 2 were matching ones for Lexi and her doll, the others were baby ones donated to the Pregnancy Resource Center in Mayfield
20 miniature stocking ornaments for Lexi to give to her classmates

I also wove 200 squares on a 2" Weave-it Loom and 40 or so on a 4" loom.

All of this used over 65 pounds of yarn, most of which was here at the beginning of 2007, plus I gave at least another ten pounds to various knitting friends. I'm gradually getting my shelves cleared off. Then maybe I can buy more - or at least bring home some of what was donated to the charity knitting ministry group at church to use it for shawls and laprobes, and for scarves and watchcaps for the Seaman's Church Institute.

I have three projects going now:
A doll sweater that I started during the summer, set aside and forgot about until I was reading my worksheet,
A shawl requested by Carmen for a friend/co-worker of hers who has helped her understand my disease and treatment,
An Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket that I started this morning so I can show the women I was knitting with yesterday what a strange piece of knitted fabric it is before you fold it and sew the shoulder/sleeve seams. (The ones I gave to the Pregnancy Resource Center were of this variety.)

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