Monday, December 14, 2009

WHEW - we made it

L ast night was the end of this year's Walk through Bethlehem. Saturday, as soon as we got everything set up, it started sprinkling. After a few minutes, they decided to call if off for the night. Then, as soon as everything was put away and we had taken off our costumes, the rain stopped. But of course, we assumed that it would start up again. It did, but not until much later in the night. They decided to extend the Sunday hours by half an hour on each end, and made an announcement to that effect on whatever radio stations they advertised the event on.

Last night was very good. The ground was a bit soft from the rain, and the sky was overcast, but the temperature was around 50 F, I think. I was able to take my gloves off, which made the weaving easier. The overcast actually made it brighter - the clouds reflected the lights from Mayfield back down to us, so I could see my work better. There were more visitors than any other night.


I am having to take Lovenox instead of Coumadin now for five days leading up to my colonoscopy, and then for a few days afterward. I think Dominic wished this on me. It's not enough that I have peripheral neuropathy caused by the Myeloma and/or the medication I take for it. He also thinks I need to know what it's like to stick a needle in my belly twice a day. Of course, I only have to do it for a few days; he has to take the insulin for the rest of his life. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but I still don't like doing it.

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Susan said...

I hope that Dominic has explored the option of going on the pump for his insulin.
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