Friday, April 30, 2010

Finishing touches

Well, I only got one more rug out of that warp. I don't know how long they are - I'll measure them after I cut them off the loom and let them relax for a day or two.

I set up the sewing machine today and 'finished' some of the things I've woven in the last six months or so. I hemmed the four 'looper' rugs I wove for my daughter and grandchildren last fall. I also zig-zagged along the edges of eighteen mugrugs I wove on the narrow warp I put on for the Walk through Bethlehem in December.

Tomorrow I'll cut the current four rugs off the loom and hem them, as well. Then I'll need to re-warp the loom and make more rugs. As I was doing that sewing (an some knitting), I was thinking about what kind of warp I want to do. I have enough 'filler' material to make at least three dozen more blue rugs, but I don't want all of the warp to be just blue. Maybe stripes of blue and variegated pastels, perhaps with pink or yellow thrown in? I need to do a little sampling, don't I? 

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