Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween already?

Sara and Reggie went to a Halloween party last night - as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf-as-Grandmother.
That's one of my nightgowns 'Grandmother' is wearing. And of course, I think Sara is a beautiful Red Riding Hood. Alyssa went to the party also, but they picked her up after they left here, so I didn't see her costume.

I have completed the knitting on Lexi's 'hand-knit sock' costume, but haven't gotten to Hobby Lobby to get the plastic canvas to fill out the foot of it. I think I'll do that on Wednesday.


These are the last three shawls I've finished. I like the brightness of this one. The color is called Rosewood.
 On this one I alternated the Rosewood and a coordinating variegated yarn in a simple triangle and then crocheted a border in a blue that also coordinated well with the variegated yarn.
 This is a 'keyhole' shawl worked in a four/four ribbing. Putting the long end through the 'keyhole' near the other end will keep the shawl from slipping off. The yarn is a sort of gold cotton with a bit of shine that doesn't show well in the pictures.
This is a better picture of the 'keyhole.'

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