Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Gardening

I spent about three hours outside today. It was warm and sunny. First I sat on the back porch and knit for at least an hour. Then I decided to walk around the yard and look at trees and flower beds. The redbud is about to bloom and other things are getting ready to either bloom or leaf out. The iris leaves look good - it will be several weeks before they bloom though. I raked some of last year's weeds from around the largest planting of them, but there's a lot more work to do there. I also did some raking and weeding in the herb garden. The thyme smelled sooo good.

I sat on the porch and knitted for a while longer, but then came inside to listen to the news.

The cheerleaders' visit to Mayfield city council Monday night was brief, but nice. I introduced Lexi to the current mayor and to one of the former ones, who is now a councilman. After the call to order and invocation, Mayor Cantrell had the kids lead the Pledge to the Flag, She introduced them to the audience, and then dismissed them and gave a folder with a certificate for each of them to their coach. After we all left, the people who had come for the meeting were able to sit down; I'm sure they were glad to see us go.


Anonymous said...

post pics of yourself. i hear your skinny. love dominic

Anonymous said...

Hello neighbor, I was surfing the web looking for gardening sites when I saw " tiny town in far western ky". Just had to see which town, low and behold it was my town! I do not recognize your name though. My last name is Thomas and I live in the big curve on hwy 80. Just though I would say hi!