Monday, March 14, 2011

Quiet Weekend

I was alone until about 7 last night. Lexi was with her dad and his family, and Alyssa was at Sara's since they're both sick. Alyssa's feeling much better; I guess the medication the doctor prescribed on Wednesday worked.

I spent the weekend knitting, of course; finished one  laprobe and worked on another, as well as on two shawls. I also made slacks for a Barbie doll. I have made a couple of others, but this time I did some short-rowing on the back so her butt doesn't show when she sits. I had a Barbie with a pair from my original pattern at the knitting group last week. Jennifer asked for the pattern, so I figured that before I gave it to her, I needed to make that alteration to what I had done before to make a better garment. I've typed up a couple of my other Barbie doll patterns for her as well. I should probably take more than one copy of them, in case others want them.

This afternoon, I need to pick Lexi up from school, do a couple of errands, take her to Nana's for her to change and for Nana to put in her 'cheer curls' (I don't do hair, except brushing), and then have her at Mayfield City Hall at 5:30 for the city council meetiing. The mayor is going to honor the cheerleaders. Now, which knitting project should I take to work on?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!
Lisa G