Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OK, Dominic, this one's for you.

No, I'm not skinny, but I am about fifty pounds lighter than when you saw me last. The jeans are size 18 (as opposed to the 22's and 24's that were falling off me). They fit perfectly around the waist, but are 'relaxed fit,' therefore they look a bit baggy. I haven't replaced any of my shirts yet; I figure I can wear shirts a little large. Lexi is holding it in the back so it doesn't look toooo loose.

I thought you might like to see how much Lexi has grown, as well. She's still one of the shorter ones in her class though.

That tree we're standing in front of is the redbud you and I couldn't dig up when we moved the other baby ones four or five years ago. I wish it showed up better - the flowers are about half open.

I am going to start making blankets for the babies that are baptised at Grace Church, with a variety of Christian symbols on them. I only have two suitable ones already charted in a stitch dictionary, so for the past several days, I have been charting more, and then knitting dishcloths to test the charts. I've had to make adjustments to the charts, but I figure it's OK if the dishcloths are not quite right. I plan to donate them to the church kitchen. 


Anonymous said...

f'n great! now can you do a backflip over a shark tank filled with phirana and sharks? love Dom

Carmen said...

Did Alyssa take that with the new camera? It's a nice big photo :)

I can't wait to see you again!


Anonymous said...

Great pic of you Adele! Hopefully I'll see you soon! Lisa G