Friday, March 11, 2011

Whatever shall I do with myself - I don't have a medical appointment until April 13! I guess I should make one with my family doctor though, to get a new prescription for my blood pressure medication.

Yesterday I took care of two things that I was about six months overdue for - a haircut for me and an oil change for my car. I look so much less like an old hag without my hair so long.

Later I picked Lexi up from school and took her to her gymnastics class. In between, she and I had supper at Subway with her Nana and Aunt Courtney. I enjoyed that.

I had not taken her to gymnastics for a couple of months. I knitted as I watched, of course. Of the dozen or so girls in the class, only Lexi and one other can do unassisted backflips. It's a new skill for them, and the others haven't caught on yet.

In all my driving, I noticed a few willow trees leafing out with that lovely spring green and some forsythias starting to bloom. My forsythias haven't started yet, but I have daffodils all over the place, including under the trees on the front slope. I love that naturalized look. 

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