Sunday, April 10, 2011

Latest finished projects

 This is one of the blankets that will be given to a baby baptised at Grace Church at Easter. Each of the nine block had a different motif on it. The ones on this blanket are: chalice, crown, butterfly (symbol of the Holy Spirit), shell (at Grace, a shell is used to pour the water on the baby's head), cross, chi-rho, heart, fish (I didn't have space to write the ichthus in it), and star of David.

This red random shawl has many yarns in it in shades of red and a bit of black. The eyelash yarns make it feel very soft and luxurious. This shawl will be in the group for Lexi and Rose to choose from for their teachers. Since Mayfield Schools' colors are red and black, I expect one of them will select this one.

 Now blooming:

The lilac is in full bloom. It smells wonderful. Also smelling wonderful, but I didn't photograph it, is the holly. The little girls stay far away from holly when it is blooming, because it is then also covered with bees.

The dogwood has no significant fragrance, but it sure is beautiful. This is quite an old tree and had some damage from the ice storm two years ago, but is still pretty magnificent.
 Much smaller, but large for what it is: bleeding heart. That's the air conditioner unit behind it, and you can see a little hosta under the left side. There is a lot of hosta along that north end of the house.

I almost stepped on this little guy. Isn't he cute. I love seeing the fauna of my yard.


Anonymous said...

The blanket is beautiful. Some little child will be very lucky.


Carmen said...

I think I recognize your fauna friend there :) Kiss him for me next time!