Sunday, April 3, 2011

I saw a robin today!

It must be spring!
This is spring vacation for Lexi and Rose. Lexi will be here some of the time, of course, and I've told Sara I'm available all week to care for Rose if she needs me to.

Rose was here from Thursday night until this afternoon. She helped me with some yardwork on Friday (preschool is only four afternoons a week), and again yesterday. She really wasn't too happy when I let Lexi go to play with a couple of the neighbor girls, but I know that the nine- and ten-year-olds don't want a five-year-old tagging along.

Rose, Lexi and I went to church this morning. It was only the second time Rose had been there, and Lexi and I had not been for a long time (I've been going to the Wednesday noon service instead). They spent some time on the church playground after the service.

Speaking of playgrounds: on Friday Rose and I had to pick Lexi up from school after her cheerleading practice. We got there early, and Rose played on the 'big kids' playground for about an hour while I sat in the car, knitting. The school has three playgrounds for the various levels of pupils. The one Rose's class uses is fenced in and has smaller equipment, including tricycles and scooters. I don't know what the middle one is like, because it's behind the building, where I have never gone. The one for older kids is open and has some pretty large equipment. Rose is such a little monkey that she had no problem with any of that stuff.

I'm still working on charting motifs for the baptism blankets. I have one blanket finished and a second one started, but I want each blanket to be different, so I need more designs. Thursday a week ago (that's good Southern terminology), when I went to the Vintage Grace luncheon for those of us in the church who are 'vintage', I took half a dozen of the dishcloths I had made to test my charts to donate to the church kitchen. This morning, one of the women told me they had put the cloths in the church gift shop because they were too good for the kitchen. At least two of the charts needed major adjustments at that point; I certainly didn't consider them good enough to sell! Oh well, it's out of my hands.

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