Friday, April 22, 2011

Rose's art

When we left the Art Guild last Friday, I didn't pay any attention to what Rose did with her drawing. When I went there Tuesday morning, it was still lying on the work table. Not bad for 5 1/2, is it?

Monday evening, I discovered a message in my voice mail from my primary care doctor's office, so I called there Tuesday. The radiologist had seen something questionable on my mammogram, so he wanted a re-do of the left breast. I had that done yesterday. The order was for the re-do of the x-ray and then an ultrasound if indicated by the x-ray. The tech did three or four shots, rolling the breast various ways. Then she had me wait while she took the pictures to the radiologist. When she returned, she said I was free to go, no ultrasound needed. She said she'd see me next year, so I guess everything's OK.

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