Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Deed for the Day

Not mine - I was the recipient. About 12:15, I heard voices in my yard. It was Lexi's grandfather and his friend. They had brought two riding lawn mowers and made pretty quick work of my yard. My little mower started right off for Bobby for him to get a couple of places he couldn't with the riding one. I think I just don't have the strength to start it sometimes.

The yard certainly looks better! With all the rain we've been getting, the grass and weeds had gotten quite tall. Now it looks like we will get more rain tonight and they are forecasting rain for the next two days. At least we had two nice days. It was dry enough that I was able to take the girls to a playground after picking Lexi up from school yesterday. Lexi was in the car with me when Rose came up crying because some boy was throwing mulch at her. I was proud of Lexi for volunteering to go back with Rose to be her protector. The boy had been throwing mulch at everyone, even the adults.

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