Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bragging rights

We do have bragging rights for things our children do, don't we? In June last year, I showed pictures of the Hello Kitty cake my daughter made for Lexi's birthday. Here is her latest cake, made for her boyfirend's mother.

That's Barnegat Light in New Jersey. I guess that's Mark's boat. They often see swans there. Isn't it fantastic!?!

Now to what I've been doing. A couple of month's ago, Michael's had a sale on their balls of Sugar 'N' Cream cotton yarn. I bought quite a few, including two of this colorway:

It's bright enough, isn't it? I knit the two dishcloths, and had a little left over from each ball. Today I decided to weave mugrugs with the left-overs. I had a red and white warp on the loom, that I've been weaving off and on for a few weeks. I really like the way these pieces turned out.

Then I decided to see what the mugrugs would look like if I used my double boat shuttle with the warp thread on both bobbins.

I like it!

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Carmen said...

These mug rugs are fabulous!!! BettyAnne and Fred both LOVE the ones I gave them that match their boat. They say they don't slip\slide when under way and they seem to repel and not absorb water :)

Mark uses his on his boat too and of course I have a set in my living room :)