Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wool, pecans and mums

I've done some spinning recently. This morning I sat on the back porch and plied together two bobbins of singles. Then I wound that bobbin-full and some others I had done a couple of days ago off onto the skein winder. Here's what it all looks like.
It's all soaking now in some wool wash.

And here is some that I did a few days ago - actually sold some of it to one of my knitting group yesterday.
More fiberarts stuff before I move on to the nuts and flowers.
I may have posted a picture of this shawl a few weeks ago, before I washed and blocked it. This is what it looks like now, and below is a detail shot. The shawl is rather small, and one of the women at the knitting group yesterday asked if I was going to put a button on it to keep it from falling off the shoulders. I had not thought of that, but I think I will. A hole in the lace pattern can serve as a buttonhole.
The little pink thing in the picture of the shawl is a doll shawl. It was an experiment to see if I like working with this particular yarn I found in my stash. I don't know what fiber it is - silk or rayon is my guess. It bled dye profusely when I washed it; I had to do several rinses before the water remained clear. It's too big for Barbie, but maybe not big enough for American Girls. I think Rose and Kyra probably have at least one doll it will fit. Maybe I'll put a button on it, too.

Plant stuff:

My neighbor has a pecan tree that is bearing this year, and starting to drop its nuts. Here are a few I picked up off the ground.
I don't know much about pecans, except that I like the ones I've bought in the store. I think I've never been aware of them on the ground because they are smaller and don't show up as well as the black walnuts from my tree. Very few walnuts have fallen so far, but there are a lot up there.

This morning, Bonnie, neighbor Rob's girlfriend left to go back to Wisconsin. She'll be back in about two weeks. She bought some small mums yesterday and didn't have time to set them out. So I'm going to babysit them until she returns. With therm on that table, I should remember to water them.

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Barbara said...

Lovely work on the shawls!