Friday, August 24, 2012

Contact Dermatitis?

Yesterday morning I did a bit of yard work. Several hours later, I noticed this

I was wearing the kind of socks that don't cover the ankles. There must have been something in those flower beds and weeds that didn't agree with my skin. There's no itching, just redness and feeling hot to the touch. I'm assuming it will go away in a few days.

Brady's blanket:

Great-grandson Brady is due in early October. His Mommy Alyssa requested that I use the hat from the Dr Suess book as the center of his blanket. I finally bought the yarn on Wednesday, August 15, before the shower on Saturday, August 18. Needless to say, the blanket wasn't finished in time for the shower, but I put it in a gift bag, needles and all, and took it. I had the center section and about half of the name at that time. This is what it looked like after I finished the name at the top.

I have now picked up the stitches along the bottom and am working on repeating the top border there. Then I'll pick up stitches along the sides and put his middle name on one side and his last name on the other. I did the hat using the intarsia method, so there is no yarn carried across the back. The names are done in shadow/illusion knitting, so you need to look at an angle to see the name. Looking straight-on, all you see is narrow stripes.

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Carmen said...

ouch!!!! I didn't even read yet but I saw the pics.... OUCH!!!!

I love you mom!!!! Wish I was there to help :(