Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting rid of things

I had an appointment for next Monday for an 'annual physical.' Someone from Dr Pat's office called on Tuesday to say that she has been called away because her mother is very ill, but they wanted to do as much of the physical as possible without her. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions over the phone, and they asked me to visit the office for a bone density test. I did that yesterday morning, and took with me two pairs of glasses to put in the 'recycle glasses' bin there.

Then I went to church and took with me two 'WalMart bags' of books to donate to a halfway house.

On my way from there to knitting group, I went to the recycling center and dropped off a large trash bag of plastic bottles, a lot of glass jars, and some aluminum cans.

At the knitting group, I gave away three balls of yarn that I discovered recently I don't like working with.

After knitting, I went to Alyssa's house to take her a small table she had left here but now wanted.

So I got some things out of the house. But I brought back two skeins of brown yarn, and four of orange, that I will knit hats or scarves for the Seaman's Church Institute with.

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