Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brady's blanket's done!

 That's a crib mattress (his crib is stored here until they're ready for it), to give you an idea of the size. He'll be using it for many years. His 7-year-old cousin still has hers on her bed, and I think it is not quite this big.
This is the back, to show how neat the intarsia knitting is. It also shows the shadow-knitting name, although backwards.
I was going to crochet a border around the whole thing, but decided to try something different. On the ends of the side borders, I knit up stitches on the right side, and then cast them off in purl on the wrong side the way I had cast off the other stitches. Then I used the yarn tails to connect them to the other cast-off stitches. I'm very happy with the way it looks.

Now on to other projects.

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