Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sara!

My second granddaughter is 26 today!

I started the day by having a CT scan of my chest. Apparently, something looked strange on the chest x-ray I had a couple of weeks ago. Probably nothing, but Dr Pat wants to be sure.

Then I stopped at Dollar General for some dishwasher gel, and also bought a soda and some peanut butter crackers (Lance). Next to the Art Guild. Mary was already there. We did a little needlework and a lot of talking, as we munched on the crackers.

Later I went to WalMart and bought a cake for Sara. I figured that, even though she's an adult, she needs a birthday cake. I knew it was too early for her or Rose to be home from work and school, but I went to their house anyway. I knocked lightly on the door and then decided to sit under the carport and knit. In the shade, with an occasional light breeze, it wasn't bad. After I had knit five or six rows (32 stitches per row), Reggie came out. He had been napping with Lily. I went inside, where it was cooler. Lily was still sleeping, until after Rose got off the school bus. Shortly after that, Sara came home from work. She, Rose and I had some of the cake. Rose wanted me to stay for supper, but I declined. I did hold Lily for a little while; she snoozed on my shoulder for a few minutes. She's two months old already!

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Carmen said...

Thank you for taking a cake to Sara and for holding Lily!!! It makes me feel good to read about from here in NJ :)