Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy Weekend

Last week, Alyssa asked if I could pick Lexi up Friday afternoon and take her to the Gourd Patch Festival in Mayfield on Saturday. Then I called Sara and asked if I could pick Rose up Saturday morning and take her to the festival, too. She said it would be more convenient and helpful for her if I got Rose on Friday afternoon. OK. Both girls would spend two nights with me, we'd go to the Gourd Patch Festival on Saturday and to church on Sunday.

When I got to Alyssa's house Friday, she said Sara had called and said that Rose didn't have school on Monday (teacher in-service training day), so she hoped I would let her spend Sunday night with me as well. Sure, why not.

Saturday, I spent most of my time at the festival sitting with a friend in the beekeepers group's tent, and let the girls visit the children's tent, ride on the haywagon (very small), and watch some of the gourdmobile races. In the children's tent, they created a fox from pieces of gourd.
Lexi says it was her idea, but Rose helped her find the pieces. (Several of the local people who make things from gourds set aside their scraps for the kids tent each year.)

Between them, the girls brought three American Girl dolls. We got home from Mayfield before 3 pm, and they had a good time playing with the dolls for the rest of the day. They had a birthday party for one on them.

They also played school, and had picture day, then took a picture of the dolls with their pets.

The doll on the right is wearing a dress that they made.

This morning, after church and Sunday school, we went to Panera for lunch and then to Metropolis to take Lexi home. Alyssa suggested that Rose spend the night there, and she would take her home tomorrow. She called Sara to get her OK. I'm sure Rose has had much more fun playing with Lexi and Devin this afternoon than she would have had here. Those two will have to go to school tomorrow, but Alyssa can probably find more things for Rose to do than I could. Of course Rose's 'stuff', except for her doll, is here, but I'll take it to her on Tuesday. Alyssa said they had a bag of things Lexi has outgrown to take to Rose anyway, so she could wear something from that.

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Carmen said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend :)

I skyped with Alyssa and Rose this morning and saw the fox - they did a great job!