Monday, September 3, 2012

Remnants of Isaac

That's what we're getting since Friday evening. When the wind started up then, I tethered the porch swing to the pillar and brought Bonnie's mums inside so they wouldn't get blown away. We've gotten a couple of inches of rain, which was sorely needed. It's too late to help this year's crops, but will help replenish the aquifer.

Another denomination visited:

Lexi is getting a good overview of Christian worship styles. When she is with her paternal grandparents, she goes to a Church of Christ. When she is at home, she goes to a Baptist Church with her step-grandparents. When she is with me, she goes to an Episcopal Church. However, yesterday we went to a Lutheran Church (ELCA). Grace Episcopal and St Matthew's Lutheran had a combined service at St Matthew's. I guess it was because, on a holiday weekend, neither church would have many in the pews. A woman from Grace read the first reading and our deacon preached, but the St Matthew's pastor conducted the rest of the service, including the children's 'sermon' and blessing the elements.

When we were walking to the car afterwards, Lexi started asking about the Lutheran church. She knows about Martin Luther King, but had never heard of Martin Luther.  So I told her a bit about him.

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Carmen said...

I love to read about your outings with Lexi :)