Wednesday, March 28, 2007


When you're pulling weeds and a nice juicy worm crawls out, do you tell it how glad you are to see it and that you hope it has lots of friends down there? Or have I gone completely 'round the bend?

I spent about two hours yesterday afternoon weeding the gravel area between the back porch and the herb garden. No, the area is not that big; much of the time was just sitting there enjoying a beautiful spring day. I use one of those aluminum and canvas chairs that fold up and have their own carrying case. I pull all the weeds I can reach, then move the chair and pull more. I thought I'd get out there today and start on the paths in the garden (I need to take a 'before' picture), but it rained last night and has been overcast today, so I've stayed inside. I've really been sitting here at the computer way too long, reading email from Yahoo groups, 'real' email, and blogs. But I did wash dishes and put a pork roast in the crockpot, so the day is not wasted. Now I need to do some knitting.

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