Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring's Progress

I don't know why this flowering crabapple is blooming only at its top this year. This picture was taken a few days ago - it has finished blooming now, and has only the leaves. Whoever did most of the planting here must have liked red leaves. I like them in the little Japanese maple, but am not crazy about the rusty color of these five flowering crabapples. And the barberries that were here were horrid! That was not just because of the red leaves, of course, but of the thorns, which are like sewing needles. I've gotten rid of all of them.

I like this little flowering crabapple. It was a gift from a couple of friends when I had the house blessed three years ago. The flowers are white and the leaves are green. It's small yet, of course, but seems to be growing well.

I'm glad these two pine trees are growing together, forming a screen so I don't see the neighbor's yard so much. I now don't feel like I'm snooping when I'm only sitting on my porch. I wonder why the tree on the right has such a nice conical shape, and the one on the left is so scraggly.

The lilac is beautiful this year. Last year it didn't look very good, but I pruned it quite severely last summer, and that seems to have done the trick.

The dogwood is now in full bloom. All of the dogwoods in the area are great this year.


Two more short capes for nursing home residents. I plan to drop them off Tuesday when we go into Mayfield. The blue and green one was using up some odd balls of leftovers. The lavender one has several mistakes in it, but I think it will pass the galloping horse test - you know, someone passing on a galloping horse won't notice.


While Dominic was waiting for me this morning, he spied a rabbit in the grass. He grabbed the camera, and got several good pictures.

And then after church he took a picture of me talking to my priest, updating her on my medical condition. It was good to be back at church; I hadn't been since Christmas Eve. Dominic has been asking me for the past few weeks if I wanted to go, but it always seemed like we'd already been to Paducah so often that I didn't feel like going again. This week we were only there on Monday. I think I will only be having monthly (or every four weeks) doctor's appointments now, so I may feel more like doing other things. At one point yesterday, my legs felt like rubber, and this morning I felt rather shakey.
I'm normally a moderately fast knitter, but not this morning. I was trying to knit in the car, but gave up because my fingers just didn't want to work right. I took a nap this afternoon, and feel better since then.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pictures of your trees, and I especially like the bunny.

Every time a see a lilac bush, I think of what you said about Momma smelling them through the bedroom window on the day you were born.