Saturday, April 21, 2007


Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. Dominic started mowing a couple of days ago. You can see how high the grass had grown. He did the fenced-in area behind the house that day and did more today outside the fence. If he does a little each day, by the time he finishes it will be time to mow the first part again. On Monday, I was sitting on the back porch knitting and thought I felt good enough to put on my gardening shoes and start up the mower. A few minutes later, I got up and realized that wouldn't be a good idea. Maybe later, we'll see how things go. I have pulled most of the weeds from the garden paths, and today I pulled last year's cypress vines off the fence, so this year's can grow there.

Knitting Group

The group that is meeting every Tuesday at The Ice House in Mayfield had a yarn exchange this week. Everyone seemed to have definite ideas about what I need. Jo insisted I must have some mohair - well, yes, it is lovely stuff. Shirley had a large bag of baby/sport weight in off-white and pink that she thought I could use for some of the charity knitting. It was in hanks, so on Thursday I set up the swift and the ball winder and wound it into balls. Great for most of it. But the largest hank of white was a MESS! I should have taken a picture of it on the swift, with some of it hanging down. I was not able to use the ballwinder at all, but did manage to hand-wind some of it.

I also threw some of it away after doing some snipping in various places trying to get to a point where I could work with it.

This is what I wound up with. You can also see some of the mohair in the zip-loc bags.

Someone at the meeting mentioned preemie caps, so I made half a dozen of them on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Now I have to find out if the local hospital wants them. It looks cute on Lexi's doll, doesn't it?

I'm currently trying to finish an afghan that I started about 20 years ago. I think it was supposed to be a wedding gift for someone that I have long since lost track of. It was about 40% done when I stopped working on it. I've moved it from NJ to four different houses/apartments in KY. Now I'm determined to finish it. I'm at 80% now. Before I start the last 8-oz skein, I have to decide if I want fringe, and if so, what kind. I think I'll take it to the group on Tuesday for consultation.

Today I moved the rest of the yarn that was in a bookcase in the dining room to the shelves in the bedroom hallway. I'm making inroads into my stash! There's also room on those shelves for the yarn I brought home on Tuesday.

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