Saturday, April 7, 2007


My sister drove down from Louisville yesterday morning and spent the night. She's going to a wedding in Hopkinsville today and then going back home. It was really nice to see her; it had been about seven months since I visited her.

Alyssa and Alexis came for supper last night and spent about two hours here. Alyssa took a couple of pictures of Renee, Lexi and me. I'm not sure which is the better picture of Renee. Neither is good of me; I'm having some edema because of the steroids I'm taking for the multiple myeloma, so my face is a bit puffy. And of course Lexi couldn't take a bad picture if she tried - almost six is a great age!

Renee brought lunch with her when she came - Derby City Chicken Salad from her Kroger. She says it's not at all Krogers in Louisville. I just finished it up for my lunch today - very good.


This morning I cast off the blanket I started Monday for Rose to take to daycare. Now I have to chart her name and duplicate stitch it onto the plain knit square. I'll post pictures of the front and the back when I have the name on. Some of the stitch pattern I used are reversible, and others look nice, just different, on the back. I'm pleased with the blanket. When I showed it to Alyssa yesterday, she said Sara might think it's too good to take to daycare as well. I sure hope not. If she's looking for something real plain Jane from me, she's out of luck.

My next project is a cape out of handspun wool for a friend who's been throwing yarn and books at me for years and not letting me pay her for them - maybe this will make us even. For my charity knitting I use machine washable and dryable yarns, because that's the way most people are used to doing laundry. My friend knows how to take care of the handspun, of course, so it will be nice working with it and to know that she's not going to ruin it.


Alyssa and Lexi brought me two sheep yesterday - a ceramic one for my collection. They're on every flat surface in the house, I think. Most of the groups also have donkeys (Eeyore) as guard animals. But the other one I can eat! I just noticed that it's from the Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company in Philadelphia. I lived only a few blocks from them for a year and a half many, many years ago. When the wind was right, we could smell the chocolate -would you believe it was not always pleasant? But even when it was bad, it was better than the tanneries or whatever on Aramingo Avenue.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Adele I hope you are feeling well and you dont look bad in the pictures love ya Donna