Sunday, July 29, 2007

Driving, etc

Yesterday I decided to see how driving would be with the new hip. It seemed a bit strange getting in the driver's side of the car, but it caused no problem. I drove around some back roads for about half an hour. I should have driven myself to church this morning, but didn't get up in time.

I went to the surgeon on Friday. He doesn't need to see me again until March. I'm on my own as to what I can do when. Exercise is good to strengthen the muscles in that hip and leg, of course. Things like crossing my ankles and bending more than 90 degrees at the hip are just a matter of whether it's comfortable or not. Maybe when the temperatures cool off in a month or so I'll get outside and do more yard work.


I've read six or eight Agatha Christie mysteries in the last two or three weeks. They're short, quick reads and I never try to figure them out. All these old English country houses, and tea and crumpets. Friday afternoon I found a recipe for crumpets and made some. The recipe called for dried currants, but I had to substitute dried cherries. They came out well, so I had my afternoon tea and crumpets while reading an Hercule Poirot (sp) mystery.
(Actually, that was scones I made, not crumpets.)

Now I'm reading another British author, but a more serious book. Bishop Richard Rutt's A History of Handknitting. The book was published about twenty years ago and I bought and read it shortly after that. I'm finding it interesting to reread; one forgets so much, you know.

Book List

When I bought a new computer last fall, one very important Excel file didn't get transferred - a list of my craft-related books. When I discovered the omission, I asked my granddaughter if the old computer was still at her house. She said it was, and promised to hook it up and transfer the file to a disc for me. After many months, I gave up on her, found a printout of the file, and reconstructed and updated it. I made two sheets - books and pamphlets - with 30 pages the cut-off point. There are about 230 books and 40 pamphlets. Knitting is the largest category, but there are a lot of crochet, spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc, as well as non-fiber crafts like soapmaking and polymer clay work. I'll print the list and give copies of it to people in the knitting groups. They can borrow books from me whenever they want.

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