Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Some Things Never Change

I've just finished reading The Odyssey. One thing had me laughing. The goddess Athena is talking to the daughter of one of the many kings in her dream, saying, "Nausicaa, with a mother like yours, how can you be so lazy? You let your lovely clothes lie around uncared for, and yet your wedding can't be far off, and then you'll need these nice things, for yourself and those who attend you. Attention to such details, you know, makes a girl well thought of and her parents proud." In three thousand years, girls haven't changed!

Yesterday, I met with two different knitting groups - in Mayfield in the late morning/early afternoon, and in Paducah in the evening. It was very good to be out and about after a month of being in hospital and at home. I also went into a store for the first time since my surgery; I had riden along with Dominic twice before, but sat in the car. As I get to walking better, I'll be out more, although I really don't go out as much as many people do. I have to go so far to get anywhere, that I try to make each trip count for more than just one thing.

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