Saturday, July 21, 2007

On to other things

I'm done with 'random' scarves. I've put away the yarns I didn't use up, and will shift to crocheting hexagons for the bedspread I'm making for a friend's daughter. I've made several of them this month, but need to do a lot more. If I need a break from crocheting, I'll work on socks for Lexi. She likes the ones I made from Knit Picks Dancing (discontinued). I have another colorway in that yarn, so will make her another pair. Of course whe won't wear them for a couple more months, but she'll have them when it's cool enough for socks.

I've almost made it through the first round of mowing since my hip replacement. Just a very small section of the front yard to go; then I'll start on the second round. Dominic has helped quite a bit. He brings out my water bottle after I've been out there a while, and then takes over the lawn mower. He moves so much faster than I do that he does in ten minutes what it would take me twenty or thirty to do. I'm walking quite well, but still slow. This is the third day of taking steroids for the myeloma (four days every month), so I'm walking easier. That side effect of the steroid I like, but not the others - edema in feet and face (I think the knitting keeps it out of my hands - they feel a bit stiff, but don't get puffy), increased shakiness, messed-up vision, aching teeth, occasional dizziness . . .

I'll see both the oncologist (Monday) and the surgeon (Friday) next week. I expect good reports from both of them.

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