Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I think it was my first brother-in-law who used to say he felt unnecessary (my sister would tell him he was). I guess that's how I felt this morning. Monday I was fine, even though I had just completed the four days of steroids. Yesterday I felt weak and shaky, and after two hours with the knitting group and then visits to Big Lots and WalMart, I was very tired. But this morning I was just 'out of sorts.' I really think the steroids had something to do with it, and possibly the Zometa (for my bones) they gave me at the cancer center on Monday. I felt like I wasn't really of any use to anyone (though Dominic tells me he couldn't survive on his own).

I've been crocheting the hexagons for the bedspread, but no matter how many I make, I still have a zillion left to do, and sometimes my hands get tired. So I had Dominic carry one of the spinning wheels out to the back porch and I spun for about three hours. Now I have two bobbins of yarn (one was about half full to start with) and one less bag of wool on the shelf - I feel like I actually accomplished something. That helps the mood! It was nice sitting out there. It was warm (mid-80's) but the humidity was not bad, and there was an occasional breeze. There were hummingbirds and butterflies flying around. The neighbor has a huge windchime hanging in one of his trees that I enjoying hearing. By the time the sun was low enough that the porch roof did not shade me, a bald cypress tree did. Altogether a very pleasant afternoon.

For any fiber people, it's rather poorly prepared (by me) texel, dyed with Gaywool Cornflower. I bought the fleece a couple of years ago at the Fleece Fair in Greencastle IN, washed it then and let it sit. I think I rewashed part of it last winter, dyed it, carded it and spun half a bobbinful. I plan to ply it, but don't know how I'll use it. Perhaps I'll knit a bag of some sort to full, but it won't be a very large bag.

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