Thursday, July 19, 2007


Both of my sisters visited me this week. Pauline (in yellow) flew up from Naples FL last week to Louisville, where Renee (on the left) lives. They visited the one aunt we have in KY one day, having a very enjoyable time there. They drove out here Monday morning, and left late Wednesday morning - Renee's daughter's mother-in-law who was visiting from OR was cooking supper for them Wednesday evening, so they had to get back in time for that. Louisville is about 250 miles from here, so even though it is almost all parkways and interstates, and KY has just raised the speed limit on such roads to 70, it takes several hours to make the trip. Pauline called this morning, so I know they made it safely.

Renee brought some Derby City Chicken Salad (available in selected Krogers in Louisville) and some rolls with her for lunch on Monday, and Alyssa and Alexis came over to share it with us and to see their aunts (actually great-aunts and great-great-aunts). I don't know why Dominic insisted on cutting off the top of Renee's head - the other one was even worse.

We had a nice visit - stayed at a motel in Paducah because I don't have good accomodations here. We wound up in a different room each night because the toilet got stopped up late Tuesday afternoon - you can use your imagination on that one - and the maintenance crew had already left for the night. All we needed was a plunger, but the desk clerk didn't think there was one available, so she had us move three rooms down from where we were on Monday night. My sisters treated me like a real invalid and had me stay on guard in the new room while they moved all of the 'stuff,' including mine. Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Now it's back to 'normal,' I need to do more mowing, but I think I'll wait a couple of days.

Monday would normally have been my visit to the oncologist, but she's on vacation this week, so I'll see her next Monday. I'll also see the surgeon again next Friday. I had to get a new prescription for my Thalidomide, because my last dose was last night, as well as getting my steroid prescription refilled. When we picked the medicine up, we thought that they had only written the Thalomide for one week, which I figured was OK since I will be at the cancer center on Monday. But when I opened the bag this morning, I found that they had written it for 200mg capsules instead of the 50mg ones I've had before. That's why there was only one package. They're huge horse-pills - but I'll only have to take one instead of four.

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