Sunday, July 15, 2007


I wish I'd taken the camera with me when I went to the back porch with my coffee and a book Thursday morning. I was reading, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something moving near the rose and nandino bushes. I looked up to find a red fox inside the fenced area. I think it became aware of my presence and started trying to get out. It ran back and forth several times, even going between the nandino and the fence at one point. Finally it ran out the gate at the southeast corner of the yard, which was probably the way it got in. Then it ran to the back, across my yard and the one next door, and I assume it went into the woods. That was the first fox I've seen here.

I think maybe I need to get an outdoor cat. The cat I have has been declawed in all four paws, so is definitaly an indoor cat. Since my neighbors Mary and Helen moved half a mile away and finally got all their cats to stay at the new house, the mole population seems to have increased. They make mowing more difficult.

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Susan said...


The fox will eat the moles and the cat!

We are loaded with red fox up here in the Massachusetts Berkshires and they dine occasionally on small dogs and barn cats.