Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogwood Winter

That's what someone called the little cold spell we're having now. My dogwood is not looking very good. It lost several branches to the ice storm in January.
But the dandelions under it are doing quite well. Actually, I like dandelions.

Remember my lilac that I thought I was going to lose? It looked like it had split in half and lain down to die.

This is what it looks like now! it'[s beautiful!

But these Lidoderm patches for my shingles are not! They do help to keep my hands off the stuff, though. And also keep it from itching, I guess. The 'blisters' on my tongue and the inside of my right cheek have pretty well healed, so it's mainly the lesions on the outside. I think I'm getting a little hearing back in that right ear, as well, so I guess the eardrops are working.
When I saw Dr Winkler yesterday, he prescribed a fungicidal mouthwash in addition to the things Dr Williams had prescribed on Friday. It's one you 'swish and swallow' so it hits the esophagus as well as the mouth. It's fruit flavored - UGH! If I need to get it refilled, I'll need to ask if it comes in mint or citrus instead.
My bloodwork looked good, so I've started round number five of the Velcade treatments.

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