Saturday, April 11, 2009

No more dripping

I woke up about 1 a.m. trying to think of some tool to make a small hole in the ceiling to drain that puddle. I figured I needed an auger. The electric drill is too dangerous with water involved. Wondered if I had my father's brace and bits to go with it. When I got up about 7 a.m., I went out to the shed to check on that, but I guess those were some of the things my brother took when we were dividing our parent's stuff. Then I thought of a corkscrew! But did I have the right type? Yes, there was one that should work, so I set up the step ladder and made that little hole - easier to fix than if a larger section of plaster fell, right? The little stream ran for about ten minutes and then tapered off to a drip. It was a little after noon when I realized that I hadn't heard a drip for a while. I certainly feel better about that situation now. Why didn't I think to do that earlier? And the roofer said he'd be out Monday afternoon to cover the bare spots, and also that it won't be long before he gets to my job.

Now - do I want to finish that last row and bind off that shawl - about 700 stitches per row? Or do I want to get in bed and read? I think I'll finish the shawl tomorrow and read tonight.

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