Friday, April 3, 2009


Although I'm waiting for the roofer to let me know when he will start putting new ones on my roof, that's not the kind I'm most concerned about today.

Early Tuesday morning, I started having pain in my mouth. It seemed to come from one tooth, so I figured it needed to be pulled. By Tuesday evening, I even took some Tylenol - I rarely take anything for pain. Wednesday morning I called the oral surgeon who had extracted two teeth for me two years ago. With the medications I'm on, especially the Coumadin, it's not a simple thing. I made an appointment for him to examine the tooth next Wednesday afternoon. He also needs lab reports and medication lists from the cancer group. I continued taking Tylenol. This morning, before I even got out of bed, I realized that I have sores in my mouth. About ten o'clock I discovered that I also had sores on my lip and chin. Mouth sores is one of the things they always ask about at the cancer center because a lot of cancer medications cause them. I called Dr Winkler's office and described my problem to one of my favorite nurses. She talked to a nurse/practitioner and called back to say that since there were sores on the outside, they probably were not from the chemo. They needed to be looked at, but there would be no one there this afternoon to do it.

So I called Morgan-Haugh Clinic to see if I could get an appointment with my family doctor. After about ten minutes on hold, I decided to go to the clinic and settle for the Doctor on Duty if I couldn't see Dr Pat. When I got there I said, "I guess I'm here for the Doctor on Duty, but I 'd really rather see Dr Elliot-Williams." The receptionist checked the schedule and asked if I could come back at 1pm (it was about 11:30 then). I went to Big Lots - they didn't have what I went for, but that didn't keep me from buying anything (I really did need those batteries.) and then back to the clinic.

Anyway, as you've already concluded, I have shingles in my mouth. She prescribed several things, including a pain medication and some drops for my right ear which seems to be stopped up and not hearing anything as of this morning.

After I got home, I called the oral surgeon and cancelled that appointment next week. The pain I've had the last few days probably has nothing to do with my teeth, but only with the shingles. On Monday I'll find out if I will still get the Velcade, etc while I have shingles.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck. I had Shingles last year, but they were around my waist. They are very painful. I read your blog all the time. I live in MD now, but grew up in Southern Indiana. My great grandparents were from Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Knit On,
Jan Martin