Friday, April 10, 2009

What a lovely day -

to sit at home and knit! Actually it did start out nice, but then went downhill. By 9 am they were giving tornado warnings for a large area around me, and it got quite dark and thundered and lightninged, but then brightened up again in a couple of hours and got dark again later. The tornados that did touch down were quite a distance from me. Alyssa works at a children's daycare center, and she said they were paying close attention to the weather news.

A couple of hours ago, I was sitting in my 'knitting nest' when I saw something drop onto my sweater. It looked like bird-doo! I looked up and saw that the ceiling was dripping! I'll be getting a new roof because of the damage Hurricane Ike did last fall. I called the roofer last week to see if I was getting close to the top of his list, and to tell him that I have started getting brown spots at the edge of my living room ceiling (most of the shingle loss is over the front porch). He said he'd come and cover it, but he hasn't showed up yet. I called and told his wife about the dripping. I'll need to call him in the morning. This spot on the ceiling is new today and is six or eight feet from the other brown spots.

I have a plastic dishpan on the couch, the waste basket from the laundry closet behind the couch, and a trash bag over the back of the couch to direct any drips there into one of them. Most of the drips are going into the dishpan.

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