Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

We got to Alyssa's house about 3 am. I sacked out on Lexi's bed and she slept on a pallet Stephen had prepared for her on her floor. I woke up about 7 am, used the bathroom, lay back down for a few minutes, and then decided that I wanted to go home. It was good to get here!

The trip went very well. One day, Alyssa, Lexi and I drove down to Camden County. We went first to Collingswood, to the street where I lived for 28 years. My neighbor/friend/angel Marie was not home, but one of Alyssa's friends was, so we talked to her for a while. Another neighbor came home while we were talking, so he joined the conversation.

Then we met Dominic near his apartment in Oaklyn, and went to a park in Haddon Heights and talked for a couple of hours. He had his DSI with him and Lexi enjoyed taking pictures of us and making funny faces out of them. She also played on the playground equipment while we adults talked. We had supper at Friendly's in Westmont, then dropped Dominic off in Oaklyn and returned to Carmen's house in Jackson.

 On Thursday, Carmen, Alyssa and Lexi went to NYC. I stayed at Carmen's and knitted and read. That trip would have been much too strenuous for me. They had a good time, though. They visited FAO Schwarz, The American Girl Doll store, the Natural History Museum, and maybe something else I don't remember.

While they were gone, I finished the 'chair socks' I had started the day before. Her downstairs neighbor complain about the noise when people move the dining room chairs. I'm not sure whether these will help, but maybe so.

On Friday, Carmen, Lexi and I got up early and went to the beach in Manasquan before they required passes. 

I enjoyed sticking my feet in the water, and Lexi collected some shells, or pieces thereof.

Then we visited a lake where Lexi collected a few water lilies. I sat in the car while they did that. 

We also drove through the woods behind the Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park. We could glimpse some of the animals through the trees. Carmen calls that drive 'the poor man's safari.'

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Carmen said...

The beach we went to was in Sea Girt - much nicer than Manasquan :) I really enjoyed your visit and wish I could have talked Alyssa into staying another week :)