Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Feel Rotten!!!

I started a cold the last day I was in NJ almost two weeks ago. I thought it was over, but either it has come back with a vengeance or it has sent its cousin. This time it is affecting my eyes, and causing aching muscles as well as sore throat and stuffy nose.

I went to Paducah today anyway. After the Eucharist service at church, I was talking to Kimberly (parish administrator) about weaving. She said her latest project had been a stole (the liturgical kind priests wear as part of their 'uniform') she wove for Megan, the new assistant rector. Just then Megan came into the office and asked if I wanted to see it. Of course I did. It is beautiful! Kimberly is a much better weaver than I will ever be. 

Then I went to the coffee shop for the regular Wednesday afternoon get-together. Some of our regulars were missing, but Sandy's friend Kathy is still visiting, so she was there again. And new Paducah resident Cathy and her visiting friend Carol were there too. They all added to the conversations. 

I took the loops of Kroger bags with me and was putting them together and rolling them into balls;everyone seemed interested in that. When I lamented the fact that WalMart no longer uses blue bags, Kathy said she has a bunch from some other store that are about the same shade. She said that when her family member (son? husband? I don't remember) comes to take her back to Cleveland, she'll have him bring them. Fiber people are wonderful!

When Hayley came, she was interested in seeing how I cut the bags up. She's going to show her UMW group tonight, because they have some project they plan to work on for the regional or national group.

It's early, but I think I'm going to bed. I may not even read, since my eyes are burning.

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