Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knitting as incentive

Last week, on the KnitTalk Yahoo group, people were talking about using knitting as incentive/reward for completing other, more arduous tasks - like housework! Sunday evening and Monday morning, I used it to finally get a warp in my loom, so I can weave some placemats. First, of course, I had to stand in front of my warping board and wind off 112 ends, 8 yards long. I did it in two groups of 56 ends each. I would have taken a knitting break between the two, but my sister called just then, providing the needed respite. After winding the second group, I sat down and knitted for at least half an hour. Then I put the lease sticks through the cross and suspended it between the castle and the back beam, lashed the raddle to the castle and used it to spread the warp to the desired width. After that I knitted for a while and then went to bed. Monday morning, I tied the warp onto the warp-beam apron and wound it on, then took a knitting break. Thread the heddles, knitting break, sley the reed and tie on to the cloth-beam apron, knitting break. Then I had to prepare my weft 'thread.' I'm recycling Kroger bags. I had previously folded them and cut them across so they form loops. Now I'm looping them together to form a long string. (This operation reminds me of the 'belts' we used to make in the office out of rubber bands and a paper clip to hike up our slips so they didn't show beneath our skirts.) So far I have one placemat woven and the second one about 1/3 done. I expect to get nine or ten mats out of this warp. I'm making the weft as I go along - one mat's-worth at a time. I think I'll take the bag of loops with me when I go to the Art Guild today and the coffee shop tomorrow. 

This warp is alternate threads of beige and a tan/blue/white variegated cotton; the Kroger bags are tan. After I finish this warp, I'll put on another one with yellow and a tan/yellow/white variegated and use yellow Dollar General bags as the weft. I've also saved white bags from various places; I don't know what color(s) I'll use for warp for them. I wish WalMart still used the blue bags.

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