Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent knitting

Last Wednesday, at the coffee shop, someone told one of the new women that I knit a shawl every week. That's not really true; however, I did start this one last Thursday and fisished it on Sunday. It's really a very simple one, and not very large, but I like it.

 This is a baby blanket - non-traditional colors. The yarn had three strands wound together, but not twisted together, so I decided to separate them. One ball had two strands of green and one of multicolor, while the other two balls had the reverse. I knit a mitered square and then changed my mind about what I wanted to do. I switched to a 'log cabin' style without binding off each 'log.' Then I did an I-cord edging to bind off the final stitches. I think it turned out well, and some of my knitting friends agree.

Here is one of the placemats I mentioned last time. It's woven with plastic bags on a cotton warp. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. But don't put a hot pan on it - the plastic will melt.
 At the yarn exchange on Saturday, Stephanie gave me several skeins of this yarn because she didn't like the feel of it. Influenced by two conversations I had that day during which the room temperature in nursing homes was mentioned, I have started two lap-robes with that yarn. One is solid color, with three different simple stitch patterns, but this one is a bit more colorful. I really like this stitch pattern because it looks different on each side, but both sides are nice. I will probably crochet an edging around it when I finish.

And finally, here are some slippers I knit for Rose. I'll be making some for Lexi in a different yarn when she lets me know how wide and how long her feet are. It's like pulling teeth to get measurements from my descendents.

43 years ago, I was in West Jersey Hospital, Northern Division, in Camden NJ awaiting the birth of my son. He came at 10:01 pm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOMINIC!!!

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