Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gardening help

Alyssa called yesterday and said that Lexi wanted to spend the night with me. She asked if that was OK. Of course - I didn't have anything else planned. So she brought Lexi out and also brought some supper for me. Nice!

Today when Alyssa came to get her, Lexi was off playing with some of the kids in the neighborhood. Alyssa and I started pulling weeds out of the rock paths in the herb garden. Lexi joined in the weeding later. It looks much better now, but there is still more weeding for me to do among the herbs. I have to do that part, because I know what's an herb and what's a weed. It was a beautiful day and was very pleasant being out there in the sunshine. I should sleep well tonight! It was also nice talking with my granddaughter. She was asking me some gardening questions, among other things. I had reasonable answers for most of her questions. I guess I have accumulated a good bit of knowledge on several subjects in my almost 69 years.

Lexi and I also planted some basil in a couple of large flower pots, and she watered some of the things we planted last week. She kept wanting to water the irises and other things that are well established and don't need watering at this time.

I finally mowed the fenced area behind the house yesterday. When Lexi was here last week, she kept telling me that I needed to mow. She said that the grass was up to her knees. She was exaggerating then, but she wouldn't have been yesterday. Some of the weeds were up to my knees, and I'm 5'6" - she's only about 4'4". I should rake up the clippings, but I don't have the energy to do that.


The extra tests that Dr Winkler ordered last week, showed no need to take extra vitamins, etc.

I had told Dr Winkler last week that he might meet my great-granddaughter the following day, because she might be there with her grandmother, who is one of his breast cancer patients. On Wednesday, he said that Lexi was a cute little girl, who had kept occupied with her electronic game device. Sounds about right!

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