Sunday, April 25, 2010


Not what falls from the sky. The ones that grow from tiny bulbs. The stitch pattern I used here is called Snowdrop Lace; it really does look like Galanthus flowers. I wonder if the person who designed it had that in mind when she started, or if it was a bit of serendipity. (That word always makes me think of my college friend Peggy. She's the one who told me about the Princes of Serendip.) Since snowdrops are white, I figured this shawl was a good place to use the white orlon (soooo soft) yarn I got from my friend Shirley's stash after she died.

This 'interrupted mitered squares' shawl is like one I made a couple of years ago and sent to my daughter for a friend of hers. It's a bit funky, but then so is that friend. She commented that some of the holes are too big, but I made this one with the same size holes. I hope whoever gets it likes the large holes. The holes get smaller at the top. This is fun to do, and is another one of those "How did you do that?" projects.

I think I'll give this turquoise shawl to Lexi's teacher. I made a shawl for her teacher last year, because I thought she was retiring (she decided to teach one more year), but now I think I may make that a tradition. They do some team-teaching, so the shawl will be only for her main teacher. I guess I'll need to do the same for Rose's teachers, as well, especially if she is out here.

All of these are triangular, started at the point. The one with the holes has a 90 degree angle there, but the others have closer to a 120 - I increased two stitches on each row instead of only one.

This little sweater is called a "Baby Surprise Jacket." The pattern is by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It is knit all in one piece and looks really strange until the shoulder seams are sewn. I think the pattern is fun to work, and enjoyed putting in the stripes of color on this one. There are buttons to go on the front, but I can't sew them on because of the neuropathy in my fingers. I'm certainly glad the neuropathy doesn't bother my knitting!

We had quite a storm yesterday - thunder, lightning, rain, wind, but not the tornadoes some people got. It was beautiful and sunny this morning, but has clouded up now. I'm glad I got that mowing done on Friday!

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Susan said...

I love snowdrops and look forward
every early Spring for them to bloom.